Immunization Troubleshooting Guide

Students should access the Student Self-Service Portal to enter their vaccine and/or lab test dates and upload the completed immunization form — with lab reports as needed — at least 3 weeks prior to UF Preview/orientation. Health Compliance does not send confirmation that an individual form has been received. Please check the to-do list on your UF account for status updates. Students will not be cleared to register for classes until all immunization requirements are met.

If the form is missing information or contains inaccurate information, the student will see to-do items and a registration hold on their UF account. The hold will remain until the form and/or immunization deficiencies are corrected. If the form is complete, the student will be cleared and can register for classes during Preview/orientation.

  • NOTE: Due to University of Florida and State of Florida regulations regarding Protected Health Information, Health Compliance is unable to answer email queries about individual health information such as vaccinations. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Read the UF Information Privacy Statement.

Common Errors

Here are some of the common errors we see that can delay or prevent processing of the immunization record.

  1. Students uploaded vaccine records and/or lab reports without entering the dates for those items in the portal first.
  2. Students entered vaccine and/or health test dates in the portal but did not upload supporting documentation.
  3. The MMR vaccine dates are prior to 12 months of age. The requirement is two doses after 12 months of age.
  4. Vaccines are given too close together. Vaccines have to be administered with a minimum time interval between doses.
  5. The date listed for the Meningococcal ACWY vaccine is prior to 2005 or before age 11.
  6. The form lacks a facility stamp and health care provider signature.
  7. The form was signed and dated prior to some of the vaccines and/or lab tests performed.
  8. Lab reports were not submitted for titers, tuberculosis screenings, or chest x-ray.
  9. Tuberculosis skin test reading was done outside the 48-72 hour window.
  10. Student provided vaccine waivers signed with a different college or institution.

These are just some of the items we see with frequency. If you have reviewed the records you submitted and are unclear as to why they have not been accepted, please contact us for assistance.