How to Waive With VA Healthcare

We thank you for your service!

Completing Waiver With VA Healthcare Coverage

We're here to make the insurance waiver process as easy as possible for you.


Renewing a Health Insurance Waiver?

Contact us to add a new waiver

VA Healthcare is generally a lifetime benefit. If your coverage was previously confirmed you do not need to resend your letter. Simply contact us when it is time to renew your waiver and we will add a new one for you.

Health Insurance Waiver Steps: First Semester

We recognize that the health insurance waiver form was built primarily to collect commercial health insurance information. As a VA Healthcare beneficiary you will not have information for all of the required fields such as member ID and group number. Our hope is that emailing the Summary of Benefits Letter streamlines the process for you.

Step 1: Go to link above and log in

Step 2: Navigate to Documents and Records

Step 3: Click VA Letters and then click Benefits Summary-Veteran Benefits

Step 4: Follow the website prompts to fill out necessary information

Step 5: Click Generate Benefit Summary Letter

Step 6: Email a copy of the letter to our office

We will use the Summary of Benefits Letter to add a health insurance waiver for you so that you are opted out of participating in the student health insurance plan.