Insurance Waiver and Instructions


Complete Waiver Here!

Health insurance waivers are completed through our Student Self-Service Portal. Click below to log in.

Deadline to submit is Fee Payment Deadline

How do I complete a waiver? 

Everything is done online!  You will need your current health insurance card and your GatorLink username and password to log in to the portal.

We also have a helpful instruction guide for your reference.

  1. Go to the UF Student Self-Service Portal
  2. Log in using your Gatorlink username and password
  3. From the Home button click the link under Insurance begin the insurance waiver process
  4. Select the appropriate button to provide proof of comparable coverage. This is opting out of the default Student Health Insurance Plan
  5. Complete the coverage screening questionnaire and hit Submit (please note that these questions are taken directly from the coverage requirements)
  6. You will be redirected to the Insurance page. Click the blue Add New button. If you are not automatically redirected, simply click the umbrella icon and then click Add.
  7. Enter your health insurance information and click the blue Add button
  8. Upload an image of the front and back of your health insurance card
  9. Log back into the portal to check the verification status in approximately 5-7 business days (as the waiver deadline approaches this time may be delayed)

PLEASE NOTE: This insurance information is not provided to the Student Health Care Center for billing related to services rendered. If you would like the clinic to bill the insurance you entered in the waiver system, please fill out the Student Health Care Center’s online insurance verification form. The online insurance verification form DOES NOT replace the insurance waiver.

  • Before logging in, call your insurance company to review the requirements. This will allow you to easily answer the waiver coverage questions.
  • If you don’t find your insurance company in the list, select the dropdown option for **other insurance. Then type the company name as it appears on your card.

What do the waiver statuses mean?

Submission of a waiver does not guarantee that the waiver will be accepted. Check your waiver status after submission. Below are the different statuses that you may see:

Pending Review – A default status for waivers where no health insurance company was selected. Please take the time to make sure you added your company name (if available in the menu).

Pending Verification – We are in the process of verifying that coverage is active and meets the requirements.

Verified – Success!

Verification Failed – This status simply means that the waiver was not able to be processed automatically through the payor’s system and has been added to our team work queue for manual verification. Our team will review the waiver and apply a Verified or Review Failed status as appropriate. Check back later.

Review Failed – Our office has reviewed your plan and is unable to determine valid coverage. Please check to ensure that the information from your insurance card was entered correctly and that your insurance offers the benefits required. If all information appears to be correct, please contact us. You will be enrolled in the school plan if no further action is taken.

What if I don’t complete a waiver?

Students who do not submit a waiver by the deadline will be automatically enrolled in the UF sponsored plan for EVERY semester in which they are enrolled at least half-time, and will be financially responsible for the related charge(s) on the student’s account.

How do I update my waiver?

Updating your waiver is easy!  If your coverage has changed or expired, follow the steps above to log in and simply click the “Edit” or “Delete” button(s) to update your information.  You can only edit or delete waivers for the current semester.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem with my waiver?

Contact UF Health Compliance Office with any questions or concerns: or (352) 294-2925.

Students with financial aid allotment questions/concerns should contact their pre-assigned adviser at Student Financial Affairs.