Pre and Post Doctoral Fellows

Understanding Pre-Doctoral Fellows and the University’s Health Insurance Requirement


Students appointed exclusively as pre-doctoral fellows* may participate in the Mandatory Health Insurance plan administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. The cost of individual medical insurance for pre-doctoral fellows who meet the eligibility requirements will be paid by the funding source. Your department will pay your health insurance charges by scholarship award directly on your student bursar account.

If you have a charge for health insurance on your student account and feel that you are eligible to have the premium paid by the university:

  1. Do not pay the charge on your student account
  2. Contact your department to confirm they are willing to pay for your coverage. If so, they can arrange to pay the bursar account charge via scholarship.
  3. Fill out a Petition for Increased Cost of Attendance (COA) for UF SFA. This will ensure that the cost of the health insurance is included in your total Cost of Attendance.

Department Contacts

If you need to have your fellows enrolled in the insurance prior to finalizing a scholarship award for payment, you are welcome to email a list of students to We will expedite loading the insurance coverage and post the appropriate charge amount on the bursar account. The insurance charge can be paid after the due date with no late fee.

*Note: Graduate assistants on GatorGradCare who are terminating their GA appointment and moving to a pre-doc fellowship should contact the GA Benefits Office regarding their insurance options.  Please email or call (352) 392-0003 for assistance.


Understanding Post Doctoral Fellows and the University’s Health Insurance Requirement

Post Doctoral Fellows are eligible to purchase the UF Sponsored Health Insurance Plan, however, enrollment is not automatic.  Additional fees may apply to use medical and/or mental health services on campus.

If you would like to enroll individually, please visit: