Health Insurance Requirement

Why does UF require proof of health insurance?

The age range of college students accounts for the largest group of uninsured and under-insured individuals in the nation. Here at the University of Florida, preserving our students’ health and wellness is paramount. There are times when students’ health or well-being, access to health services, or payment for healthcare can hinder them from achieving their academic goals. This change was founded on removing as many obstacles as possible for our students to reach graduation.

Who is required to show proof of health insurance?

All newly admitted or re-admitted domestic students who are enrolled at least half-time in a degree-seeking program along with all international students are required to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan unless proof of comparable coverage is provided. Proof of comparable coverage is provided annually.

How will I know to submit proof of health insurance?

We understand that life can get extremely busy! That is why we utilize several tools to help remind you of upcoming deadlines.

Registration Hold

All students will have a self-clearing registration hold appear on their account. This is a one-time registration hold that requires that you review and acknowledge the mandatory health insurance requirement. Once you have read the information on the policy you will click a button acknowledging that you have read the information and the hold will clear immediately. While all students must clear this hold, the mandatory health insurance requirement may not apply depending on the student’s enrollment status (below half-time, distance learning, non-degree, etc.).

One.UF Reminders

Twice a year One.UF to-do items are placed as reminders for students to check their health insurance waiver status for the upcoming terms. These items are applied during Spring and Summer/Fall Advanced Registration. The to-do items are not registration holds. They are cleared when students click the button acknowledging that they have reviewed their health insurance status.

Pending Student Health Insurance Charges

If proof of health insurance is not submitted 30 days prior to deadline, the student health insurance premium will post to the student bursar account as a pending item. This will prompt charges notices from our office and the University Bursar. If a qualifying health insurance waiver is received prior to Fee Payment Deadline, the pending charge will be reversed.

Email Notices

Our office will send email notices when a health insurance waiver is about to expire, when charges have been posted as pending items, and when the waiver deadline is approaching. We will also send a final notice after the deadline has passed. Please make sure to check your student email address for important notifications from our office and other campus partners!