Insurance Waiver FAQs

Health insurance is not always easy to understand. Below are some typical questions that may help you get through the waiver process.  If your question is more detailed or not listed below, you can always contact UF Health Compliance Office for further assistance: or (352) 294-2925.

Do I have to submit a new waiver every semester?

The insurance waiver you submit is valid for one year or 3 semesters from the time of submission.

What is the deadline for submitting a waiver?

The deadline to waive the immediate semester’s Student Health Insurance Plan is the same as the Fee Payment Deadline for that term.

How do I know when my waiver is about to expire?

The insurance waiver is valid for 1 year or 3 semesters from the time of submission. The Health Compliance Office will send reminder emails to the student email account advising that the waiver will expire and will need to be renewed prior to the following semester. This email is usually sent approximately 1 month prior to the expiration of the waiver.

Why is UF now requiring proof of health insurance?

The age range of college students accounts for the largest group of uninsured and under-insured individuals in the nation. Here at the University of Florida, preserving our student’s health and wellness are paramount. There are times when students’ health or well-being, access to health services, or payment for healthcare can hinder them from achieving their academic goals. This change was founded on removing as many obstacles as possible for our students to reach graduation.

Are ALL students required to show proof of health insurance?

This change went into effect for all students enrolling in a degree-seeking program for the first time during the term Summer B 2014, starting on June 30, 2014. The requirement also applies to those students who complete a degree and move to a NEW degree-seeking program (for example, from a bachelor’s to a master’s).

How will UF enforce the health insurance requirement?

If you submit a waiver, you agree that your current insurance plan may be contacted for confirmation that your coverage is in force for the applicable policy year and that it meets the school’s waiver requirements. The University will conduct random audits throughout the year to determine the accuracy of waiver submissions.

I submitted a waiver, but the charge for Student Health Insurance Plan has appeared on my fee statement anyway.

Students must allow at least 3-5 business days for a transaction to process on their account.

What options do I have if my waiver is denied?

Purchase or remain in the Student Health Insurance Plan until the academic year is completed, then seek private health insurance or visit the health insurance marketplace at and have insurance in place prior to the next academic year.

What if I need to purchase coverage in the middle of a semester and/or have a?

You can contact the local plan administrator, Scarborough Company Insurance, at the following address: Scarborough Company Insurance Attn: Tammy Bugna 2811 NW 41st Street Gainesville, FL 32606 or call (352) 377-2002.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem with my waiver?

Contact UF Health Compliance Office with any questions or concerns: or (352) 294-2925.